ANZ Direct is a business unit of ANZ Group which provides the channels for all customer contact, from inbound customer service to new product sales all the way through to online support. 

With over 1,800 culturally diverse team members, spread across two sites in Melbourne and one site in New Zealand, an effective employee engagement program is the key to enhancing employee performance and improving retention levels.

In late 2008, ANZ Direct made the decision to perform a market comparison of their existing employee reward and recognition solution. A review of the current solution uncovered plenty of opportunity to improve the program with better organisation and structure. 

The Challenge

ANZ Direct has a long history of providing employee reward and recognition. This was supported by a long standing existing program with another provider that supplied a system similar to Power2Motivate.

This online programme was also supple- mented by some individual ad-hoc manager recognition that was not fully measured or tracked. In 2009, ANZ Direct selected Power2Motivate to be the provider of their employee reward and recognition solution. The transition to Power2Motivate’s program presented several challenges, the biggest being the existence of an established service and the length of time it had been in place. 

Power2Motivate needed to win the hearts and minds of the ANZ employees with as little disruption as possible.

To ensure a smooth transition, Power2Motivate worked with ANZ Direct to replicate the existing reward parameters and ensured that the ability for managers to incorporate their own ad-hoc rewarding was included in the completed platform. The project was expertly handled to ensure a smooth transition with a strong employee and management buy-in. This combined with the increased system functionality of the Power2Motivate system lead to the efficient succession of ANZ’s new reward and recognition program.

With these initial challenges mastered, Power2Motivate and ANZ then needed to decide on the best structure possible for the recognition program. 



  • TIERED AWARDS – A program which allows management to award team members on a tiered system. These awards range from $25 to $300 and all encompass ANZ values, ensuring easy interpretation by team members.

  • EMPOWERMENT – The ability for team leaders to recognise employees easily and timely; ensuring that the moment an employee demonstrates required behaviours they are rewarded.
  • ENAHNCED PRODUCT OFFERING - Employees are not rewarded with just movie tickets and gift vouchers, but with points they can redeem on thousands of reward items, giving freedom of choice.

  • KEEPING THE PROGRAM ALIVE – ANZ Direct employees are taken through the recognition program during induction, followed by yearly refresher training courses on reward and recognition conducted by Power2Motivate. The regular circulation of screens, posters and newsletters are also used to effectively promote the program. 


Since launching the ANZ Direct programme the results have been outstanding, POWER2MOTIVATE is very well respected by both ANZ leaders and employees alike. 


  • 73% of employess have receieved an award

  • 80% have used the system since launch

  • 101,259,411 points have been issued through the ANZ Direct program 

  • 5724 awards have been issued 

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