For more than a century, printing technology company Brother has been recognised for its innovative products and ‘customer-first’ approach. A Japanese multi-national founded in 1908, today Brother has 19 production facilities and 43 sales companies operating in 41 countries across different regions. The company’s mission is to give superior value to customers through high quality products and services.


The Challenge

Brother sells its products through resellers – computer equipment and stationery stores who are particularly busy during the critical back-to-school period. The company saw an opportunity to capitalise on that key period with a tactical promotion that would engage and motivate resellers through all sales and marketing channels, and ultimately increase sales of Brother products.


Incentivise members of reseller organisations to buy Brother products. We helped them develop a Brother-branded platform that used gamification elements to drive engagement. Members could play an interactive ‘spin to win’ game to earn points to redeem prizes and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Brother promoted the campaign through print and digital advertising advertising in IT industry publications ARN and CRN, digital advertising via Brother Authorised Distributors, Brother direct-to-reseller eDMs and internal promotion by account managers. 

When a member joined the program, they received welcome tokens that gave them the chance to win $1000 worth of points, and in the process familiarised them with the program. The initial goal was to have 200 new member registrations as a result of integrated promotion across all sales and marketing channels. onsite news feed and monthly statements.


The promotional campaign was a huge success – surpassing even our own expectations. Brother’s overall sales during the back-to-school period increased by 28%, compared to the period January – March 2014, and engagement levels increased by 260% of the anticipated participation rates.

On top of this, through the platform Brother collects data on individual members themselves, seeing how many times they log in, what they redeem points for and what motivates them. This valuable information is being used to shape the company’s overall channel marketing strategy.

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