Laser Clinics Australia is a chain of cosmetic treatment clinics that aims to help clients of all ages step into their best, most confident skin. Having opened its doors in Australia in 2008, it has since expanded into New Zealand, with a total of over 100 clinics across both countries. LCA’s goal with Power2Motivate was twofold: to achieve their KPIs in as many clinics as possible, and to incentivise their therapists to meet sales targets and complete their training so they could move on to become clinic owners themselves. From the very beginning, Power2Motivate took the time to dig deep into LCA’s needs. Before heading to the drawing board to build out a custom incentive structure, we met with the client multiple times to discuss their business objectives, goals, KPIs, and budget. Once the information gathering stage was complete, the P2M team headed to the lab to brainstorm a number of proposals we felt would help LCA reach their objectives with flying colours. During phase two of creating their tailored rewards program, P2M and LCA worked very closely together to refine the final structure one that is now successfully operating in clinics across Australia.

The Challenge

LCA’s challenge with Power2Motivate was twofold: to achieve their KPIs in as many clinics as possible, and to incentivize their therapists.

Since LCA wanted their incentive program to drive KPI achievement in as many clinics as possible, it needed to appeal to a wide range of employees. It also had to be motivating enough to help LCA achieve their goal of promoting therapists to clinic owners once they completed the necessary training. From the outset, employees were provided with FAQs, “How to Play” resources, and tutorial videos to get familiar with the P2M program and reduce any future confusion. LCA’s chosen program entailed a weekly reward structure to recognise the top 50 highestperforming therapists across the country. Therapists could earn points based on how well they achieved their monthly focus, and each focus was associated with a pricing strategy as determined by the client. Aside from individual KPIs, each clinic also had a “Clinic Monthly Focus” goal that they could work to achieve as a team: winners for this type of challenge earned points that could only be spent on team-centric rewards to foster a strong sense of collaboration and community.


Clinic managers were the only individual participants to receive points whenever a clinic won the monthly challenge, as recognition for their outstanding ability to motivate and lead their team. Managers were also rewarded when their clinic was among the 5 highest-performing locations in the country, and when their location experienced the most growth between quarters. LCA also decided to implement our trophy case module to further gamify the experience. These virtual tokens and trophies added another layer of incentivisation for employees to hit their sales targets and training goals, since they needed to collect a certain number of awards to advance through the program’s ranks. Certain trophies also recognised LCA therapists for longer-term achievements like years of service, providing a diverse range of opportunities to celebrate employees for their successes and milestones.

To tie the entire program together, LCA used our online dashboard to track both individual performance and each clinic’s performance. These leaderboards were not only excellent at creating a sense of friendly competition, but also giving employees the opportunity to congratulate their colleagues on a job well done and support each other during their proudest moments.


It didn’t take long for LCA to begin experiencing exceptional results with our rewards system: within just two months of the program being launched, the number of clinics reaching their KPIs increased threefold. And from program launch to now, the company has increased their revenues by an incredible 66%.

In terms of participation, LCA was able to achieve an impressive login rate of 75%, with a total of over 7.5 million points awarded across the organization. Employees also collected nearly 1,600 “Sales Leader” trophies amongst themselves to acknowledge their outstanding achievements in helping LCA grow and thrive.

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