Lumo Energy (Lumo) is an Australian-based home and business energy retailer supplying electricity and gas to half a million customers across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. Formed in 2004, the company has a thriving Melbourne workforce of 600 people.
In 2012 Lumo refreshed its brand identity and created a set of five values to be lived and breathed by every member of staff, from the way the phones are answered to the way the sales team deals with customers. Lumo wanted to see 'awesomeness' through:

  • Taking pride in who we are and what we do

  • Passion for our customers

  • Working together to drive results

  • Being easy to deal with

  • Constantly looking for a better way


The Challenge

At its heart, this strategy was designed to decrease staff turnover and increase general happiness. Every employee has the potential to be awesome, bright and luminous, and Lumo wanted to make sure employees felt this.


Lumo engaged us to help develop an employee reward and engagement campaign to reinforce their five brand values. With support from the lead account manager and executive team, we developed a plan to bring Lumo’s vision to life. From the program design and voice to the key metrics tracked, everything was developed to ensure high engagement levels and a return on investment.
Together we created ‘Luminosity’, a rewards program designed to celebrate awesomeness in a number of different ways. The program rewards members for length of service, birthdays, and value-driven awards, as well as specialised rewards for individual departments and clubs.
We led training sessions with the management team a week before the official launch, making sure they understood why recognition was so important, and how the program would work with them to build awareness of the company values in a fun and engaging way.


After the launch party, we got to work on tracking engagement with the program, from the amount of nominations made to the login rates of staff members and the number and type of rewards redeemed. Results Included

  • Increased engagement levels

  • Greater visibility

  • Tailored support

  • Better communication

  • Strengthened company values

    The Luminosity Program was announced as the winner of the IMA 2015 Cricle of Excellence Awards in the 'Recognition' category, presented at the association's 16th Annual Executive Summit in Nashville, USA. 

    Launched in 2000, the Circle of Excellence Awards identifies and recognises outstanding examples of successful customer and employee incentive programs designed to help drive business, where both the company and the incentive marketing partner are recognised. Both Lumo Energy and Power2Motivate are proud to have designed, created and implemented such a valued and recognised program which highlights the positive impact 'Luminosity' has made for both staff members and the business as a whole.

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