NRMA Insurance is one of Australia’s leading insurance providers. Backed by Insurance Australia Group Ltd., the company seeks to make its customers’ worlds better by protecting the things they care about. NRMA also wants to improve its employees’ lives - and it chose to do so by introducing a Reward and Recognition Program with Power2Motivate.

The Challenge

NRMA set out to achieve a number of core goals with its rewards program:

  1. Recognise employees who demonstrate the NRMA Values and who have a positive impact on the business, their peers, the community, and NRMA’s members and customers.

  2. Increase the overall number of employees displaying NRMA’s values.

  3. Celebrate the achievements of NRMA’s employees.

  4. Increase employee engagement.

  5. Create a solution that both the business and NRMA’s employees are happy with.


With these goals so centred on its employees, NRMA had to develop a program that was able to engage its members as much as possible. In order to appeal to NRMA’s employees as well as the broader business, Power2Motivate conducted multiple focus groups to obtain feedback on how the program should work. This feedback was taken into account during the strategic planning stage, and together, NRMA and Power2Motivate created My Thanks.

Available to all NRMA Group employees, the program consists of peer-to-peer awards whereby employees nominate others who they believe best display NRMA’s values. My Thanks also allows employees to send a thank you to their colleagues individually.

When a My Thanks members is nominated, they receive points - these points are based on values awards, and employees can use them to redeem items in the program’s online shop.


To ensure the program is hassle free for NRMA, Power2Motivate has provided a dedicated Customer Success Manager, as well as a Customer Success Executive, to handle the day-to-day tasks of running the scheme. This includes handling member updates, fulfilling reporting requirements and completing other ad-hoc tasks. Power2Motivate’s Customer Service team is also able to cater to any enquiries that NRMA’s employees may have.

As with any rewards program, it’s essential NRMA knows the return on investment it’s getting. The program’s success is based on the number of employees displaying the NRMA values, as well as how many nominations the program receives. Power2Motivate’s dedicated Customer Success Manager and Customer Success Executive provide monthly reporting to NRMA showing:

  • The number of active members.

  • Their balance.

  • How many members are logging in.

  • Who has completed nominations.

  • Who has received awards.

  • Which members have redeemed their points.

What items the members are spending their points on.

When members are logging in and nominating each other, it shows the employees are engaged with the program and also appreciate when their colleagues display NRMA values. Workplace recognition has also added to the level of employee happiness and motivation within the business.

Since launching in 2017, My Thanks has continued to grow and increase in engagement. NRMA has acquired other businesses since then, all of which have also been added to the program successfully.

My Thanks succeeded in its aim of recognising employees who displayed NRMA’s values. The program currently has 2,006 members, and from launch on March 17, 2017

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