Shopping made faster, rewards made easier

Introducing an all-new personalized Storefront experience powered by our revolutionary Rewards AI

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Create a culture of recognition in your organisation by positively reinforcing the right employee behaviours

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Create meaningful partnerships with your customers to increase loyalty with an award winning cloud-based loyalty program

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Power2Motivate is proud of our unique in country global sourcing model, allowing us to support local economies whilst providing the best choice and culturally aligned rewards for your customers and employees



Create a lasting impression for a lifetime with money can't buy group travel incentive trips guaranteed to get your customers and sales teams reaching for the stars!

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Find out how by taking our survey and receive a free custom report with your score and recommendations for your organisation



Stand out from the crowd with an award winning employee recognition program proven to boost performance

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Rewards programs for every business
Whether you want to reward top-performing sales staff or boost customer loyalty and retention, we can help.
Our rewards systems are highly customisable to cater to your specific business needs. Tell us what you want, and we’ll do the hard work for you.
Our reach is global – rewards systems can be translated into 17 languages and rewards can be locally sourced in 144 countries.
Our savvy systems come with powerful built-in reporting capabilities that can be tailored to the metrics you want to measure. Detailed reports show how successful the programs are, and where you’re getting the best ROI. 

Incentive Marketing

Sales and Channel Partner Incentive Programs

Pump sales, boost revenue and reward outstanding sales performance, partners or distributors with sales incentive programs

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Customer Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Provides you with the tools to build a culture of loyalty amongst your customers. With real time reporting to ensure ROI.

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Travel incentive and Rewards Programs

Increase productivity, boost customer engagement, promote sales growth through Travel Incentive Programs that create a lasting impression.

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Membership Benefits and Loyalty Programs

Attract, retain and engage your membership base with customisable and tangible benefits

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Employee Engagement

Sales Incentive Programs

Pump sales, boost revenue and reward outstanding sales performance, partners or distributors with sales incentive programs

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Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs

Our fun and collaborative peer to peer employee rewards and recognition programs put your staff in control and let them choose their own rewards

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Years of Service Programs

Reward loyal employees and make them feel valued. Our Years of Service Award program will motivate, engage and help you retain your most loyal employees

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Staff and Employee Benefits Programs

Attract, retain and engage your workforce through an online employee benefits platform

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  • Shopping AI

    Personalized by a revolutionary Rewards AI

    Inspiring positive outcomes and creating true behaviour change requires motivational rewards that are personally meaningful. We use machine learning and neural net algorithms to find what your members will love. Enriched by patterns of the rewards a member has searched, clicked, or redeemed for, our Reward AI suggests new rewards that match their interests. The Personalized Storefront Reward AI truly personalizes the shopping experience, making it more engaging and rewarding for your members.

  • Advanced Interface

    The latest search & shop interface design

    It’s a revolution in reward shopping design. Faster, easy to navigate and more intuitive, our new interface makes searching and redeeming more fun than ever. We’re launching today with FIVE new design features: Featured Brands, Faceted Browsing, Attribute Grouping, Featured Categories, and a new search mega menu that makes it even faster to breeze through the store and find exactly what you are seeking.

  • Years of Service Awards

    Recognise your loyal employees and customers with Years of Service Awards

    Create lasting memories and celebrate their success using Power2Motivate’s Service Award centre. You can set reminders to be emailed out to managers or sales representatives before the service date and issue certificates and points to your customers and employees to recognise their loyalty to your business.

  • Birthday Awards

    Don't forget another one of your customer's or employee's birthdays again

    Getting old is a chore, so make it fun and celebrate (loudly or quietly) your employees or customers life milestones by using Power2Motivate’s Birthday Awards centre. Whether it is their 21st or 75th birthday, make them feel special with a system generated birthday card and the ability to never forget their birthday again.

  • Travel Incentives

    Provide money can't buy experiences

    Your customers or employees will never forget your business with Power2Motivates Travel Incentive Programs. Power2Motivate have access to a vast array of once in a lifetime experiences that create lasting memories and strengthen your relationships. From Ice Car Driving in Northern Europe to hanging out with the Whos-Who of Hollywood, we specialise in creating memories.

  • Training

    Up-skill your employees and customers and reward them for their efforts

    Up-skilling and training is essential. With Power2Motivate’s Training centre you can centralise all your training material to one platform. With our SCORM compliant LMS system, you have the ability to load your training material into the platform and oversee how your customers and employees are tracking.


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28% Increase of sales compared to the period of Jan-Mar 2014
260% Increase of engagement levels than anticipated for participation rates
530 Eligible registrations
150% Increase in Reseller Spend compared to Jan-Mar 14

"The levels of engagement from our partners during a promotion overload period exceeded anything we’ve done in the past and I’m looking forward to what the creative minds at Power2Motivate put together for our 2015 back to school/work period."

Karen Gillette, B2B Channel Manager, Brother International Australia
73% Of employees have received an award
80% Have used the system since launch
101259411 Points have been issued through the ANZ Direct programme
5724 Awards have been received

ANZ Direct are a long-standing Power2Motivate client. Their Reward and Recognition recognition program has been, and still is, very successful. With over 80% of ANZ Direct employees engaging with the program and over 100 million points issued, the program continues to motivate ANZ Direct employees to live and breathe ANZ values.



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