Tabcorp is a world-class diversified gambling entertainment group employing more than 5,000 people and listed on the ASX. Tabcorp’s goal is to build a sustainable future for gambling entertainment while making a positive social impact. Each year their operations return hundreds of millions of dollars to the Australian community, the racing industry and venue partners including newsagents, hotels, clubs and TAB agents.

In 2016, Tabcorp felt that its employee engagement program needed to change. Their existing scheme did not follow best practice and was not seeing the return on investment Tabcorp had expected when setting it up.  The company came to Power2Motivate for help creating an employee rewards program that would genuinely recognise the contributions of its people and be instrumental in making Tabcorp a great place to work. 

Power2Motivate came in and assessed the old program, talked with key players at Tabcorp to find out what they wanted from their rewards, and together with Tabcorp, helped create the Star Players employee rewards and recognition program.

The Challenge

Power2Motivate worked with Tabcorp to create a number of goals for the Star Players program:

  1. Drive engagement in the rewards program.

  2. Celebrate employee achievements.

  3. Promote values within the business.

  4. Change employee behaviours.

  5. Update the current program to reflect best rewards practice.

  6. Increase employee engagement and retention.​


Star Players is an online, easy-to-use system that allows members to nominate both their peers and whole teams. It is accessible from any device at any time and is open to all Tabcorp employees. Recognition in the program revolves around:

Star Player members are rewarded in points, which they earn when they display Tabcorp’s values (these are all outlined in the program portal). Team members who are recognised as Star Players can then spend their points on their choice of reward, which they can select from a wide range available in Power2Motivate’s online rewards platform. 


To assist in roll out and education around the program, Power2Motivate created a User Guide, available to all members on the Star Players portal. This shows members how to navigate the program, including providing information on how to nominate members and what Tabcorp’s values really mean. Power2Motivate also hosts regular webinars and training sessions for members, which helps to keep interest in Star Players high and ensures Tabcorp’s employees continue to understand how to use the program.


The team at Tabcorp take care of internal communications and promotions, while Power2Motivate also sends out communications about nominations, awards and orders placed within the gallery. This helps keep the program fresh in members minds and ensures engagement remains high.

  • Peer-to-peer awards - these help to highlight the values held at Tabcorp.

  • Thank you awards - these provide an instant social thanks.

  • Tenure Awards - these are awarded for years of service. 

As with all of our rewards programs, Power2Motivate provides Star Players with a dedicated Customer Success Manager and secondary support team who assist in daily queries, requests and reporting. Power2Motivate also provides a Customer Account Manager who ensures that clients needs are met on a daily basis.


The success of the program is based on member engagement and the way in which members are living the values of the business. When Star Players is promoted within the business, it will drive motivation and success within a team.

Power2Motivate’s dedicated Customer Success Manager provides monthly reporting to Tabcorp, breaking down:

  • The number of active members within the program.

  • The points balance of active members.

  • The number of nominations occurring and what they are for.

  • Rewards Redemptions – what members are buying with their points.

Technology continues to play a significant role within the Star Players program. It allows Power2Motivate to track members’ activity (within reason) and helps the team manage Tabcorps’ expectations. Power2Motivate is also able to create ad hoc reports as the business changes, which gives excellent insight into how we can develop the program as the client’s needs change and grow. 

There are currently 4,201 members in the Star Players program, and since launch to April 5, 2019.

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