Top Emerging Reward Trends

Emerging reward trends are changing the rewards and engagement industry..

Our Favorite Rewards

Looking for the most popular products with our members? We’ve got you covered..

3 Ways to Communicate With Your Customer Rewards Program Members

Communication with your customer reward program members is key to fostering engagement. Below are 3 ways this can be done effectively..

4 Key Ways to Keep Members Engaged in Your Customer Loyalty Program

Keeping your customers engaged in your loyalty program can be really difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Here are 4 ways you can help boost member engagement in your rewards program..

Gaming 2.0

Power2Motivate is thrilled to announce its evolution to new gaming technology!.

The Power of Global Savings

Giving your employees even more perks at work!.

CarltonOne Engagement launches Latin American strategic partnership

CarltonOne Engagement, a rapidly-growing global technology company specializing in the development of SaaS-based solutions for global loyalty, channel sales, employee engagement and reward management, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership aimed at building the company’s business in the Latin American region..

Carlton Group Receives Investment from H.I.G. Growth Partners to Support Continued Rapid Development

New releases for Power2Motivate and Global Reward Solutions on tap Rebrand as ‘Carlton One Engagement’ announced.

Avoiding the rut: inspiring & motivating your employees

Many companies work hard to create repeatable processes and systems to maximize productivity, consistency and quality. One of the downsides of this predictability can be employee boredom..

Top Spring Rewards

There’s a warm, bright light at the end of winter’s long cold freeze. Spring is officially in full swing and that means we’re all craving the great outdoors. .