Wellness works wonders

Treating your body and soul better reaps so many rewards. You’ll feel better, look better and live better..

P2M Evergrow Oceans announcement

The world’s oceans play a vital role in combating climate change. .

Deals for dads

This Father’s Day, treat the guy who probably has everything, with something he’d never buy for himself..

Made for moms, with love.

She’s the original OG. Our moms were there for us from the beginning, and Mother’s Day is our chance to officially celebrate their unique kind of love..

Style is back in fashion.

Enough with the sweatpants. It’s time to bring back the bling with our new fashion reward collection..

5 million trees funded!

We’re delighted to announce that CarltonOne has funded the planting of 5 million trees..

Turn stay-at-home into play-at-home.

It’s easier than ever to upgrade your home entertainment experience with new 4k TVs, amazing surround sound speakers, better wifi … and even delicious snacks!.

Refresh and renew…without the renovation!

There are many fun and affordable ways to upgrade your home experience and make it more comfortable, more inspiring and more beautiful. .

What’s your channel partner program missing?

Building out a high-performance channel partner program can be a game changer for many organizations..

How to get employees to care

If there’s a common New Year’s resolution among business owners, it would be a desire to have employees care as much about the business as they do..

“Hey Siri, Alexa, Google… make my home smarter!”

Home automation is not just for geeks anymore. It’s now easier than ever to add a little more comfort, convenience, entertainment and security to your home – whether it’s an apartment or house..

Responsibility is an opportunity

Power2Motivate is created by CarltonOne. We have one goal: to make work mean more. We have one mission: to fund climate change eco-action. And we believe that this mission and this goal are directly connected..

Funding tree and community growth in Mozambique - October 2020 Update

Over the last 6 months, our corporate environmental mission is springing to life in 4 countries around the world..

Funding tree and community growth in Madagascar - October 2020 Update

Over the last 6 months, our corporate environmental mission is springing to life in 4 countries around the world. The Betsiboka River estuary, on the northwestern coast of Madagascar, is a massive 80,000-hectare labyrinth of intricate waterways, channels and small islands. .

All your holiday gifting – faster, safer and easier!

This year there’s even less reason to face mall crowds, holiday lineups and frustrating traffic jams..

Funding tree and community growth in Nepal - November 2020 Update

Over the last 6 months, our corporate environmental mission is springing to life in 4 countries around the world..

Just launched: All-day wireless Beats Flex earphones!

We’re excited to announce the catalog launch of the all-new, all-day wireless Beats Flex earphones..

Black Friday = it’s your day to save!

Every year around this time, the annual US post-Thanksgiving Black Friday shopping event fills malls and shopping carts. This year, things may be a little different in stores, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still score a well-deserved break. .

Shopping for holiday gifts? Order soon!

It’s a busy time of the year, and we’re encouraging all our members to place their holiday orders soon to avoid delivery disappointment. Winter weather, pandemic closures or other unexpected shipping issues may disrupt courier transportation and cause local delays. .

3 million trees and growing

We’re proud to announce that CarltonOne has just funded our 3 millionth tree planting. Together with our partner Eden Reforestation projects, we’re helping every member of every client we serve turn transactions into eco action. .

Exclusive promotion: complimentary Gift Card for everything Apple!

We’re delighted to launch a US-exclusive three month promotion to celebrate some of the best rewards in our catalog. Every time a member redeems or purchases a reward within one of our themed collections, they will get a complimentary $10 Gift Card for everything Apple. .

Calling all fans — let’s get back in the game!

Did you hear? Sports are back! Football, baseball, basketball, European soccer and yes, even cricket! .

Align your team, reap the rewards

With employees working from home, or isolated at the office, companies are realizing that keeping everyone aligned is crucial to performance and growth. .

Helping make back-to-school more back-to-normal

It’s a different back-to-school season, to end a very different summer. A little more uncertainty is in the air as parents grapple with new school protocols, kids navigate a more socially distant playground, and we all lament our enforced staycations..

12,000 bees have landed at CarltonOne

Our mission is to create talent technology that helps our clients make work more meaningful for their employees. And the one unifying belief that we all share is a need to do more to protect our planet..

Get into your summer shape

It’s time to embrace warmth, embrace light, and embrace some optimistic summer vibes. The last few months have been challenging for everyone, so to help spark some positive energy, we’ve launched our Summer Wellness catalogue..

Message from our CEO:
The revolution of work

At a March 25th CarltonOne townhall meeting, which was attended by virtually every one of our 175 employees globally, we looked back at similar major events from The Depression through to the 2007 Global Financial Crisis. .

Creating a better personal environment, for Earth Day’s 50th anniversary

It’s the 50th anniversary of the very first Earth Day. On April 22, 1970, over 20 million Americans mobilized and took to the streets across the country. This action launched the environmental movement and started the first conversations about climate change..

Delivering the rewards you want to make home feel like home

In homes and townhouses, cottages and condos across the continent, North Americans are social distancing themselves through the global COVID-19 emergency..

Motivating Remote Employees

Maybe you’re practicing responsible social distancing. Maybe your company doesn’t believe in expensive office overhead. Maybe you’re managing parenthood, part-time work, or illness. There are many different reasons why working remotely works for many people. .

Creating a better work-from-home experience

We’re all doing what we can to stay safe, stay sane and stay busy through the COVID-19 pandemic. In every country around the world, working from home has become a reality for many employees. .

2020 Trends Update

Keeping on top of the latest trends in our industry is a critical part of staying competitive. Being able to forecast what customers want, predicting global shifts, and embracing new technology helps us stay relevant and keeps our products future-friendly. .

4 Key Ways to Keep Members Engaged in Your Customer Loyalty Program

Keeping your customers engaged in your loyalty program can be really difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Here are 4 ways you can help boost member engagement in your rewards program..

3 Ways to Communicate With Your Customer Rewards Program Members

Communication with your customer reward program members is key to fostering engagement. Below are 3 ways this can be done effectively..

The Power of Global Savings

Giving your employees even more perks at work!.

Gaming 2.0

Power2Motivate is thrilled to announce its evolution to new gaming technology!.

Make it a green year.

Bushfires, drought, extreme weather events, microplastics, garbage gyres and soaring global temperatures…. the evidence of a changing climate is irrefutable and all around us. .

Why engagement works wonders: exploring the psychology of employee motivation and engagement

What motivates you? Ask a hundred employees and you’ll receive a hundred different answers: money, loyalty, recognition, challenge, creative expression, security, collaboration, social mix, esteem, rewards, etc. .

iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5 now available!

They’re here, and they’re amazing. The new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Apple Watch Series 5 are available today for your members through your Power2Motivate program..

Can a smart toaster spark a smarter business?

The smart home revolution of automated appliances, sensors and apps is driving much more than time savings. Just as the smartphone automated separate tools like our calendars, mailbox, phone, and cameras, the smart home automates separate roles like security, cleaning, gardening and entertainment. Home automation delivers many benefits that can translate into happier, more focused and productive employees..

Power-up your program activity with email

The most effective engagement programs are those that are used the most..

Launching with impact!

You dreamed, you spreadsheeted the plan, you sweated the budget proposal…. and now, it’s go time. .

Global Savings: get extraordinary daily deals… without spending a point

Global Savings is a members-only collection of discounts, rewards and deals that could help your employees or members save hundreds of dollars every month on everyday purchases and extraordinary experiences. Activate Global Savings as part of a Power2Motivate program and you are unlocking a significant new employee benefit..

Getting the click

It’s a simple question: how do you get more employees engaged with your engagement program? You’ve done all the hard work - spotting the need, planning, budgeting, and finally, launching company-wide. Congratulations! But now what?.

Motivating training with points

How to reward your employees for upgrading their training.

Avoiding the rut: inspiring & motivating your employees

Many companies work hard to create repeatable processes and systems to maximize productivity, consistency and quality. One of the downsides of this predictability can be employee boredom..

Treat yourself and those you love

We understand. It’s OK if you’ve temporarily broken all those New Year’s Resolutions already. Who really needs to visit the gym that many times anyway? .

Let's get out of here!

Getting away from it all over the holiday season is the ultimate gift. .

2019 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for everyone

3…2…1…shop! Black Friday is the official start of the holiday savings season, and we’re planning to make it extra festive..

Your brand, your page: boosting engagement with beautiful branded pages

You’ve worked hard to create a memorable brand. It’s your story, your style and a unique promise to customers, partners and employees..

Looking back to propel forward

Ask any business coach, or any dynamic CEO, and they will advise a relentless forward focus on the future. But sometimes, it’s good to take a pause and look back. December is the ideal time for just that..

The Rewards of Summer

A showcase of innovative merchandise, travel and experiences to help your employees enjoy an unforgettable summer!.

How can you use CSR to boost employee engagement?

Corporate Social Responsibility can include all sorts of activities - here's how you can use CSR to improve employee engagement levels at your organisation..

4 steps to Channel Partner Success

Many industries use channel partners to boost sales and increase revenue. But how can you get the most from your network? Follow these four simple steps. .

How to get the bosses on board with incentive travel

It's not always easy to get bosses on board with incentive travel, as they often see it as more expensive than other rewards. Here's how to convince them..

How can events help you engage your channel partner network?

Events such as annual summits or new product launches are an excellent way to engage your entire channel partner network. Here's why..

Is the Years of Service Award still relevant in 2019?

With average job tenure in Australia shrinking to just three years four months, a Years of Service Award is even more relevant, not less. Here's why..

Why experiential rewards should be your priority this year

Experiential rewards are becoming increasingly popular. Why should you introduce them as part of your Employee Rewards and Recognition Program?.

How to create an incentive program for a modern sales team

The modern sales rep is very different to traditional sales professionals. Here's how you cater for this in your Sales Incentive Program. .

How to measure employee engagement at work

Employee engagement involves emotion, which is why it can often be hard to measure. Here are our tips for measuring employee engagement at your organisation..

4 employee rewards resolutions to make in 2019

Happy New Year! Here are four employee rewards and recognition resolutions you can make in 2019 to ensure your program is the best it can be. .

Which employee benefits work best for different staff?

The key to building a strong Staff and Employee Benefits Program is understanding their needs and establishing rewards to suit - but where do you start? .

5 key channel partner incentive pitfalls

There are massive benefits to a successful Channel Partner Incentive Program. However, it's important to stay on top of key risk points. .

What channel partner behaviours should you incentivise?

Sales figures aren't the only thing you should be incentivising as part of your Channel Partner Incentive Program - there's a range of behaviours to reward. .

How to create a buzz around your rewards program

An Employee Rewards and Recognition Program can do all sorts for your business - but you need to be able to create a buzz around it to ensure engagement..

Travel Incentives: The reward of a lifetime

Travel Incentives are a great idea - both for your business and for your employees. Here's why travel is such an excellent reward to offer. .

Travel Incentives: The reward of a lifetime

Travel Incentives are a great idea - both for your business and for your employees. Here's why travel is such an excellent reward to offer. .

B2B vs B2C customer loyalty: Is there a difference?

When it comes to implementing a Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program, understanding the distinction between B2B and B2C is essential. Here's how the two differ, and how you can best tailor your rewards program to B2B..

4 considerations for reviewing your Channel Partner Incentive Program

An effective Channel Partner Incentive Program can increase sales significantly, but to make it effective you need to be regularly reviewing it. .

CarltonOne Engagement launches Latin American strategic partnership

CarltonOne Engagement, a rapidly-growing global technology company specializing in the development of SaaS-based solutions for global loyalty, channel sales, employee engagement and reward management, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership aimed at building the company’s business in the Latin American region..

Carlton Group Receives Investment from H.I.G. Growth Partners to Support Continued Rapid Development

New releases for Power2Motivate and Global Reward Solutions on tap Rebrand as ‘Carlton One Engagement’ announced.

Why is analytics essential to a successful Incentive Program?

Businesses of all sizes have realised the benefits of data and how it can help them improve. This is no different for Incentive Programs..

How to engage Gen Z in an employee rewards program

Generation Z will make up 35 per cent of the workforce by 2020 - is your Rewards and Recognition Program tailored to them? Power2Motivate can help. .

4 ways to boost employee morale

Employee engagement is low in Australia, but it doesn't have to be. Here are several simple ways to boost morale in your organisation. .

How to attract the best talent? Introduce an employee benefits program

The global skills shortage is growing, and it's up to employers to find new ways of attracting top talent. Introducing employee benefits will help them do this..

How to target a new market through customer loyalty and rewards

Targeting a new market is a great way to grow your business, but it's not always easy. Here's how a customer loyalty and rewards program can help..

4 best practices for your Years of Service Award Program

One of the best ways to retain talent is showing you value loyalty via a Years of Service Award. But what's best practice for this type of program?.

How meeting your resellers and travel incentives can go hand-in-hand

Here's how meeting your resellers (essential to improving channel partner relationships) and travel incentives can go hand-in-hand..

The key to standing out with employee benefits? Choice

Employee benefits have a huge impact on talent attraction and retention. But they need to be effective. How to achieve this? Through choice. .

Why a Years of Service Program can help beat job restlessness

Job restlessness is pervading the modern workforce. But with an employee Years of Service Program, you can help to raise retention at your organisation..

How to make your customer loyalty and rewards program stand out

Nowadays, every business seems to have a customer loyalty program, and that means you have to work harder to get yours to stand out. .

Why a customer loyalty and reward program is a no-brainer

Keeping your existing customers loyal requires much less effort, time and resources than trying to tap into new markets. It also lends you a significant degree of free advertising. There are several ways that a Customer Loyalty and Reward Program will help keep your customers loyal..

Why every company needs an employee benefits program

Employee benefits programs can help improve engagement, productivity and the bottom line at your organisation. Here's how..

Why non-cash rewards are more effective

You might be surprised to find out that when it comes to incentives, it's actually non-cash rewards that work best. Read on to find out why!.

Treat your channel partners like your best customers - by rewarding them

It doesn't come as a surprise that customer rewards programs can be extremely effective at gaining brand loyalty and repeat custom. But just as important should be channel partner rewards programs, which incentivise your channel partners to push your products ahead of your competitors. .

How to make sales incentives more fun with gamification

Gamification is now being applied to a huge range of industries and departments. Your sales team is likely already using some form of gamification, but there are ways to make it even more effective, especially when linked to a sales incentives program. Here's how it can improve your sales incentive program..

Dealing with disruption in the automotive industry

From driverless and electric cars to ride-sharing apps, the automotive industry is experiencing its biggest period of disruption for years. This includes a significant shift towards customer service as being a key driver of sales. How can channel partner incentive programs help businesses deal with this disruption?.

Why a memorable trip trumps a cash bonus every time

With the latest Gallup study indicating that a staggering 87 per cent of employees worldwide are disengaged at work, it's essential that companies find a way to keep their team members motivated. Travel is one of the best ways to do this because it is flexible, offers choice and presents exciting opportunities..

Australian employment tenure is shrinking: What can you do about it?

It's not just millennials who are causing the downward trend in job tenure. In Australia, even CEOs aren't staying in their jobs for as long. Here, we explore why this is the case, and what ways there are to increase tenure, including Years of Service Programs such as those offered by Power2Motivate. .

Why a comprehensive reseller program is the foundation of loyalty

Communicating strategy and up-to-date product information is vital for a successful sales channel - so the same should go for delivering incentives. Keeping your resellers in the loop with the rewards they get and how they get them is the key to a comprehensive Channel Partner Program. .

Analysing your channel partner loyalty: what do you find?

Loyal, longer-lasting channel relationships: every vendor wants them, but few ever step back to assess their partnerships' strengths and weaknesses. Using Power2Motivate's online platform, it's easy to reward your channel partners for the behaviour you want to see..

Channel partners: When do you have too many?

When it comes to utilising the strongest and most effective sales channel possible, quality is definitely better than quantity. Get rid of zombie channel partners or resellers not doing their best for your business and focus on rewarding your best with a Channel Partner Incentive Program..

4 creative sales contests to use in your incentive strategy

Thinking of ways to motivate your sales team can be challenging, so we've come up with four contests you can use to spur your sellers on. But regardless of what you decide on, it's vital you have a large gallery of rewards - so consider Power2Motivate's Sales Incentive Program..

Why re-thinking employee rewards requires technology

It's not as easy as simply introducing an Employee Rewards Program to your business, sitting back and watching your staff become happier and more motivated. Getting the best out of a Rewards Program requires you to re-think the technology you use to manage it..

Why re-thinking employee rewards requires technology

It's not as easy as simply introducing an Employee Rewards Program to your business, sitting back and watching your staff become happier and more motivated. Getting the best out of a Rewards Program requires you to re-think the technology you use to manage it..

Why re-thinking employee rewards requires technology

It's not as easy as simply introducing an Employee Rewards Program to your business, sitting back and watching your staff become happier and more motivated. Getting the best out of a Rewards Program requires you to re-think the technology you use to manage it..

Why re-thinking employee rewards requires technology

It's not as easy as simply introducing an Employee Rewards Program to your business, sitting back and watching your staff become happier and more motivated. Getting the best out of a Rewards Program requires you to re-think the technology you use to manage it..

How to use channel incentives to address reseller grievances

Resellers and vendors can encounter a number of strains to their channel partnership over time. It is important to maintain the good health of your sales channels, so you need to ensure you address any grievances resellers may have with a channel incentive program..

Does it pay to be more creative with your employee benefits?

It's not enough for businesses nowadays to have just any employee benefits - those that want to compete for the best talent need to think outside the box with their program. See why it pays to partner with an industry-leading incentive provider and become more creative with your employee benefits..

Two financial benefits of effective employee engagement

Businesses that capitalise on employee engagement through employee rewards and recognition programs can reap the financial reward..

What do customers want from a loyalty program?

Loyalty programs can be hugely beneficial but what do consumers want out of these loyalty initiatives? Let's take a closer look..

What is incentive marketing?

Incentive marketing can be a powerful tool for companies. But what exactly is it? And what should you remember when using it in your marketing strategy?.

Australia faces an employee engagement crisis - what can be done?

An engaged workforce is the key to a successful business - but engagement is hard to come by in Australia these days. How can you motivate people better?.

Power2Motivate Wins Top Industry Award

Power2Motive Wins Top Industry Award for Employee Engagement and Recognition Program.

Power2Motivate Launches in London

Power2Motivate expands its international presence and chooses London to be its European HeadQuarters..

Top Spring Rewards

There’s a warm, bright light at the end of winter’s long cold freeze. Spring is officially in full swing and that means we’re all craving the great outdoors. .