PFU (EMEA) - a Fujitsu company, is one of the world’s leading Imaging Solutions providers, providing companies around the world with intelligent scanners.

Operating across the globe, PFU (EMEA) focusses on the European, Middle Eastern and African markets, providing the necessary tools, training and knowledge to resellers across the region to sell and distribute their scanners. Imaging Rewards is PFU (EMEA)’s tool to motivate, engage, and foster greater loyalty from distributors and resellers across the Region. Imaging Rewards is an online rewards tool, that drives the right behaviours, at the right time, and puts the reseller in control.

From registering their sales and earning points, to receiving badges for certification, the
Imaging Rewards solution is key in driving a more engaged and high-performance reseller network.

The Challenge

PFU (EMEA) set out to achieve three goals through its new channel incentive programme, these being;

1. Foster Reseller loyalty, build mindshare and increase sales.
2. Easier to communicate Promotions and incentives
3. Improve channel data

The Imaging Rewards scheme was developed as the strategic initiative to help achieve these objectives, and to redefine how PFU (EMEA) communicate, motivate and reward channel partners across EMEA, with particular emphasis upon the Reseller community.


The Imaging Rewards programme, a white-labelled SaaS based solution, was rolled out over the EMEA region with the assistance of Power2Motivate. The solution operates in four different languages (English, German, Italian, and French), and across 63 different countries.

Imaging Rewards allows resellers and distributors to register sales made and earn points depending on the type of product sold. Not only are base points awarded for products sold, but each month new promotions are introduced, including bonus points on newly introduced scanners, to double points and entries into prize draws to win merchandise. These promotions work to support marketing activity conducted by PFU (EMEA), and to generate growth in sales of key products.

Through the points that the reseller and distributor networks receive, they can spend them in localised Rewards Galleries. As the galleries are fulfilled by local suppliers, each reward is culturally relevant to the country it is purchased in. This was a key factor when implementing the programme, as the diversity across EMEA is plentiful.

Through the Imaging Rewards solution, PFU (EMEA) were able to increase their touch points with their members. This was done through a regular electronic direct mail (eDM’s) promoting new rewards, points, and incentives within the platform. As the members benefits from the programme, these communications ticked all the boxes when it came to ‘what is in it for me’.

This allowed the company to host special events throughout the year that encouraged participation by allocating double points for selling certain scanners or packaged deals, as well as reward participants for completing PFU certification training.


61.2 per cent participation rate among eligible members, including an 83 per cent registration rate at its annual sales conference. Overall, PFU saw a 37 per cent increase in channel partner programme membership between FY 2015 and 2016.

The company now has multiple channels it can use to contact resellers, the speed and ease of which resulted in a 89 per cent reduction in time and money spent on each promotion. This resulted in PFU hosting 22 promotions in FY 2016, as opposed to 5 the year before.

PFU witnessed a year on year sales uplift of 39% based on engaged resellers within the platform motivate and reward channel partners across EMEA, with particular emphasis upon the Reseller community.

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