Travel incentives that create a lasting impression for a lifetime

Travel Incentives

More and more companies who want to offer memorable experiences to valuable clients and staff are beginning to realize the potential of travel incentive schemes. 

Whether you are a company celebrating  your top achievers with a luxury trip to Peru, a business thanking their customers with New Years in New York.  Travel incentives are designed to motivate  and recognize the efforts of your top  employees and customers .

With a wealth of experience the team at Power2Motivate will design and implement a first-class travel  incentive program for your customers, employees or resellers.  Specializing in improving business performance on a local and global level. We design the ultimate trip aimed at increasing sales and improving employee motivation. We are the global leader in all things performance improvement.

Whether you want to increase productivity, boost engagement, promote sales growth or have your customers living and breathing your brand, Power2Motivate's Travel Incentive programs are designed specifically with your unique objectives in mind.

Travel incentives with Power2Motivate

Power2Motivate is a global leader in reward and recognition management and has been a full incentive specialist for over  26 years. We assist clients with concept development, program design, teaser programs, registration, travel and destination management and onsite logistics.

Our job is to inspire an audience, to stimulate the hearts and minds of your most valued people and drive them to achieve business goals. By creating engaging, innovative events, compelling incentive programs and exciting branding and communications, Power2Motivate aim to foster the loyalty and consistent performance to make your company a market leader.

Talk to us today, and see just how much your organization can benefit from a tailored travel incentive program.

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Proven to boost business performance.

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Our incentive marketing and employee rewards programmes make a real impact in businesses around the world. Here’s what a few of them have to say…

Years of Service Programme

“We are going into our second year of working with Power2Motivate to provide our employees with Years of Service awards. I used to do it manually all myself. P2M has really eased my workload. We provide rewards for five years of service and up with a recognition, point-based programme. We based our P2M programme on what we were originally rewarding to our employees, and converted the dollar value of our existing programme into the P2M points-based reward system. The other nice thing with this programme is that if our employees are short a few points to get the reward they want, they can go online and purchase the extra points they need.”

State Super Financial Services
State Super Financial Services

“We started our journey with Power2Motivate in September 2012. From initial concept stages to implementation the team at Power2Motivate were fantastic in guiding us through this process and provided exceptional service to ensure our implementation was seamless. The programme is easy to use and although we are in early days, feedback from our members has been excellent.”

Rewards Me Programme

“Since the launch of Novartis Animal Health Rewards ME programme, we have seen a seismic shift in culture. Recent feedback from our employees and managers has crystallized that the Power2Motivate solution has been central to this change”

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